Patient Activation Campaigns

Drive patients back into your health system for routine appointments and on-going health management to close gaps in care. 

Close Gaps in Care with Envera Health

Our Patient Activation Campaigns offer proactive outreach to populations of patients who are coming due for care or who have recently interacted with your health system. Through multi-channel outreach, we help to close gaps in care and optimize your health system by using technology to reach a broader population, while your precious nursing resources can be reserved for more personal outreach to higher risk populations. Touching each individual population on a regular cadence allows us to gain insight into response patterns and increase patient engagement, resulting in more booked appointments.

Envera Health’s Patient Activation Campaigns are ideal for:

  • Preventative Care, Chronic Disease and Specialty Services
  • Welcome outreach to new patient populations
  • Re-engagement of lapsed patients

Services Included:

  • Standard Scheduling

  • Patient Registration & Insurance Verification

  • Education & Information

  • Consumer Referrals

  • Care Outreach (Chronic Care)

  • Care Outreach (Preventative Care)

The Envera Health Difference

Measurable Patient Satisfaction: Ensure patient satisfaction with custom post-call surveys to measure performance

Consultative Expertise & Workflow Design: Enable scalable growth of your organization through operational efficiency

 Detailed Reporting & Insights: Utilize valuable insights provided through deep analytics to drive continuous improvement

People Enabled by Technology:  Satisfy multiple patient needs in the same call with CRM driven technology

Patient Activation Campaigns in Action

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Learn how Envera Health’s Patient Activation Campaign made a significant impact for two different programs in 10 days or less.

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