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Solutions for Coordinated Care

Our personalized care coordination services simplify the care process, offering systematic outreach to patients for preventative health needs and follow-up care.

We proactively contact and schedule patients for appointments, closing care gaps that connect and streamline the care process.

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Envision Envera: Remote Care

Personalized Care Coordination Services

Why Envera Health?

  • Drives attribution

  • Supports recovery process

  • Keeps patient in lower cost settings

  • Avoids ER or IP visits due to escalation of unmanaged conditions

  • Reduces costly readmissions

  • Breaks down barriers to patient monitoring

  • Tackles the obstacles to delivering highly engaged care

For your organization

  • Custom Care Pathways Integration

  • Care Gap Outreach

  • Appointment Follow Up & Rescheduling

  • Discharge Management

For your customers

  • Preventative Care Campaigns

  • Centralized Consumer Health Information Source

  • Transitions of Care

Measurable Impact

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Creating a Moment of Kindness

By |November 13th, 2018|

At Envera Health, we understand the value of a moment of kindness. Our team of Engagement Center Agents work to create moments of unexpected happiness, relief or comfort during overwhelming and stressful healthcare situations.  

Teamwork is the Heart of Health Care

By |November 13th, 2018|

Quality health care is a team effort. But what makes a great team? According to a definition used by the World Health Organization, highly effective health care teams share certain characteristics.

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