Women Gain Easier Access to Life-Saving Services with Envera Health

National Women’s Health Week serves as a reminder for all women to make their health a priority. At Envera Health, women’s health is especially important to us. Eighty percent of our workforce are women including four female executives. 

And it’s because of the incredible women we’ve had in our lives – moms, aunts, teachers and friends, that we’ve become the hard-working, talented and compassionate team that we have here at Envera Health.

Many of the programs we support through our client’s consumer information lines and proactive outreach campaigns are helping to prevent or detect some of the most common, life-threatening diseases for women like cervical and breast cancer.


One of the very first programs that Envera Health worked on for our partners at Bon Secours Mercy Health is Every Woman’s Live. Every Woman’s Life (EWL) is a public health program that helps uninsured, low income women gain access to free breast and cervical cancer screening services. Screening and early detection reduces death rates, improves treatment options, and greatly increases survival. Unfortunately, there are thousands of women who don’t have access to these life-saving services or health insurance that will cover them.

EWL is federally funded through the Virginia Department of Health, and health systems like Bon Secours Mercy Health can provide these invaluable preventive services free of charge to patients who qualify based on age, residency, income and insurance issues.

Putting these programs in place is no easy task, but making sure that women know about them, can get their questions answered, and use the programs is the biggest challenge. Envera Health partners with Bon Secours Mercy Health to help ensure easier access to these critical screenings for women in need.

When patients call to inquire about the EWL program or services, Envera Health’s Customer Engagement Center Team starts the process by facilitating an eligibility screening. Once cleared, our team will then help the patient find the nearest available clinic and schedule their appointment.

“There are a lot of women who unfortunately feel quite hopeless when they call to ask about the program, and doubt if they are even eligible for services. Our Engagement Center team consists of some of the most compassionate individuals I’ve ever met and are constantly receiving feedback from our customers about how comfortable and valued they made them feel, no matter their circumstances.”   Suzanne Jencik, Clinical Team Supervisor for Envera Health

After their initial appointment scheduled by our Customer Engagement Center, women with abnormal screenings will receive patient navigation services from the EWL team of registered nurses, as well as guidance through the application process for Medicaid that can help with the payment of their treatment.

“It always feels good to connect women with these important, potentially life-saving services. My team and I leave work each evening feeling like we’ve really made a difference in people’s lives.” –Suzanne Jencik

Envera Health is ensuring access to the kind of care that women need that not only improves lives — but saves them. Through our partnership with Bon Secours Mercy Health, our Customer Engagement Center has scheduled thousands of appointments for women in need.

Learn more about how Envera Health’s consumer information lines and proactive outreach campaigns can help improve access and drive growth to your health system.

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