What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

Growth goals, gaps in care, access issues, readmission penalties…what’s keeping you up at night?

Maybe it’s the aging population, healthcare reform, the shift to value-based care and new reimbursement models, or feeling vulnerable to disruption from forces like the CVS-Aetna partnership. I could go on and on.

The thought of increasing competition and industry consolidation can be overwhelming – and with your resources – time, money, space, expertise – continually stretched, it’s no wonder you have trouble sleeping.

But the truth is, the average adult needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep –  and to compete in this rapidly changing healthcare environment, health systems need strong leaders who wake up energized and ready to tackle the huge barriers in the way of creating a better healthcare experience

So how can we build a great experience for patients wanting access to our system when there are so many other issues draining our resources and energy?

I have spent the better part of my career designing, building and running access centers for health systems. In this time, I’ve learned a thing or two about access challenges in healthcare and where you may want to spend your energy. First, take a hard and honest look at your system and ask, “What are the three or four critical things that we have to get right?” Identify the gaps in your ability to achieve these goals and focus your energy there.

This is where Envera can really help.  We become a part of your team and work as an extension of the health system, providing the “service wrapper” to connect patients to the care they need and want. We bring the technology, years of experience, highly trained professionals and other capabilities to the table to build loyalty, increase market share, keep people healthier, improve your revenue cycle and avoid readmissions. We’re all about helping provider’s stay focused on patient care and quality – and I’m convinced that we help them sleep better too!

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Beyond a Call Center
We see every touchpoint as an opportunity to make or break the customer’s experience. Each encounter is a chance to build a stronger relationship and create the loyalty and engagement that keep patients choosing you for their healthcare needs.

2. Standardize Workflows
We improve efficiencies, saving the provider and the patient precious time.

3. Infrastructure
We developed the capabilities and made investments in telephone equipment, technology, training and quality control so you don’t have to.

4. Integration with existing systems
We collaborate closely with our partner’s electronic medical records, securely accessing patient records to deliver a seamless experience.

5. Continuum of Care
We connect with patients in-between visits to help them stay healthy and loyal.

6. Clinical Team
Clinical professionals contact patients following an emergency room visit or hospital stay to keep your patients healthy and avoid unnecessary return trips to the hospital.

7. People & Personality
We delight patients with a personalized experience and efficient access to the care they need.

8. What we hear from our provider partners:

  • “Our patients are complaining so much less.”
  • “Callers aren’t waiting on the phone for a half hour.”
  • “Our patient satisfaction scores are up.”
  • “We have fewer insurance denials, and we’re getting paid faster.”
  • “We’re keeping patients healthier and payments have increased.”

Now, that’s the kind of stuff that helps busy leaders sleep a little better at night!

Are you ready to recharge with Envera?

Sleep on it and let us know!

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