What is Patient Engagement? A Relationship, Not a Transaction

What is Patient Engagement?

 Patient engagement” is a broader concept that combines patient activation with interventions designed to increase activation and promote positive patient behavior, such as obtaining preventive care or exercising regularly.”Health Affairs.

“Patient engagement is used to describe everything from patient portals to social media strategies, from tracking vitals with wearables to patients actively participating in their own health and wellness.”Healthcare IT News .

“Patient engagement is defined as the desire and capability to actively choose to participate in care in a way uniquely appropriate to the individual, in cooperation with a healthcare provider or institution, for the purposes of maximizing outcomes or improving experiences of care.” – Columbia University researchers

Google “patient engagement in healthcare” and you get 239 million results. Everyone in the healthcare industry seems to use the term, but few can agree on its definition. One thing most can agree on is that however you define it, achieving a high level of patient engagement is critical for healthcare organizations in today’s evolving healthcare world.

Why is patient engagement important?

In an effort to improve healthcare and make it more cost effective, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in 2006 developed a concept called the Triple Aim. The framework describes an approach to optimizing healthcare performance which has increasingly become a guiding principle for many healthcare organizations. The three components of the Triple Aim are:

  • Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction)
  • Improving the health of populations
  • Reducing the per capita cost of healthcare.

Note that the very first element of the Triple Aim focuses on improving the quality of the patient experience. Doing that requires actively engaging with your patients to determine their wants and needs as you strive to provide them with the best possible care in a least-cost manner.

The theory is that organizations and systems that adopt the Triple Aim concept will have healthier populations because they will be able to establish programs that identify problems and solutions well before an acute health incident. None of that is possible without actively reaching out and involving your patients in the healthcare process.

Implementing patient engagement in your health systems

In an age of instant gratification, consumers expect more convenience, access, and ease from the companies with which they do business. Patients now demand the same type of service from their healthcare providers as they receive from Amazon and other online retailers – being always available and responsive to their needs.

If patient/consumers face long hold times, limited office hours, and no appointment availability, they will likely go elsewhere for their healthcare needs. To ensure the continued loyalty of your patients, you must provide access and convenience to remove the friction from their healthcare experience. Implementing a consolidated patient engagement solution enables you to unify the entire patient experience and transform your cost centers into revenue centers.

To enhance your patient engagement program, you need a highly advanced customer engagement center with inbound and outbound capability and multichannel digital connections. You must provide a unified digital front door that extends from first contact to post-appointment surveys. You need to embrace a 360-degree view of the consumer through leading patient engagement software technology and tailored workflows.

To ensuring your program is working, you must constantly collect feedback through patient satisfaction surveys. Hearing directly from your patients will help ensure that you are providing an effective patient engagement program in your health system.

Patient engagement solutions and Envera Health

At Envera Health, we view patient engagement as a relationship, not just a series of transactions. We help you develop and maintain relationships with your patient/consumers that are critical to the success of your health system.

The solution to implementing a comprehensive patient engagement program in your organization may be simpler than you think. It starts with staying focused on what you do best and finding partners to help with the rest. Partnering with Envera Health provides you with an integrated engagement services platform that supports all your efforts from patient access and care coordination to marketing.

The Envera Health program includes:

Patient Access

  • Capacity optimization
  • Scheduling
  • Reminders
  • Referral management

Care Coordination

  • Transitions of care
  • Closing gaps in care
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Chronic disease management


  • Comprehensive, strategic marketing campaigns
  • Event coordination

Unlike traditional healthcare call centers, Envera Health’s Engagement Center helps improve communication between patients and providers while managing costs and increasing the value of your health system’s services. We help optimize your operational efficiency to better maximize patient capacity, minimize patient access barriers, and enable steady growth.

Envera Health’s world-class customer engagement center is bringing meaningful human interactions to the forefront of healthcare. Our fully integrated, white-labelled services enable us to serve as an extension of your healthcare team, connecting patients with the care they need, when they need it. With over 100 years of combined healthcare provider and call-center expertise, our team helps you transform the patient engagement experience into one which will generate patient loyalty, ensure your patients get the care and attention they demand, and improve your top and bottom lines.

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