Top Advantages to Outsourcing (or Supplementing) Your Healthcare Call Center

In an age of instant gratification, consumers expect convenience, access, and ease from the companies they do business with. But in healthcare, this can be hard to find. Knowing that access and convenience are so important, how can we remove the friction and unify the healthcare experience?

The solution is simpler than you think – Here are a few reasons why partnering with a healthcare contact center is key to redefining value, retaining patients and winning the battle for the consumer.

Scalability & Flexibility

Since call volumes constantly fluctuate, staffing for both efficiency and efficacy is undeniably tricky. To provide the best value and service, call centers scale their workforce with ease, in response to ebbs and flows in overall volume. An advanced call center can serve as an extension of your team, improving the bandwidth of existing access center staff without the internal investment.

Proactive Outreach

With limited time and inflexible bandwidth, health systems struggle to keep patients and consumers engaged. The scalability and flexibility that an Engagement Services Partner offers creates more bandwidth for outreach and preventative care.

Advanced Technology & Infrastructure Savings

Save money without sacrificing innovation by supplementing your healthcare contact center with an outsourced partner like Envera Health, who has already invested in best-in-class technologies that provide detailed analytics and valuable insight into performance and operations.

The People

Contact center positions require rigorous training in the latest technology and customer service practices in order to provide a truly connected experience for patients and consumers. An engagement services partner like Envera Health focuses on finding, training, and retaining a team of diversely skilled individuals- so you don’t have to.

Accountability to Service

Between managing physician schedules and serving the patients who walk through the door, answering the phone can be a mere distraction for medical office administrators. In contrast, healthcare call centers are contractually obligated to meet service levels and strive for predictability in service provision. Partnering with a healthcare call center is key to ensuring a positive, welcoming interaction for consumers.

Attribution to Growth

To receive the best return on your investment and truly drive market share, marketing programs and campaigns should be embedded in existing care delivery workflows. An engagement services partner like Envera Health can bridge the gap between marketing and operations –driving growth by converting leads into scheduled appointments.


An advanced healthcare contact center can offer operational expertise and workflow designs that standardize the patient experience, improve operational efficiency, and unify the brand experience across the health system.

Envera Health: The Ideal Patient Access Partner

Our fully integrated, white-labeled services enable us to serve as an extension of your healthcare team, connecting patients with the care they need, when they need it. Envera Health’s solutions are custom-tailored to the health system’s needs and driven by data. We offer a flexible business model and diverse portfolio of general call management, proactive outbound and consumer engagement services.

To learn more about the advantages of outsourcing your healthcare contact center, and reasons why health systems partner with Envera Health, download the full guide below!

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