The 2018 Truth Report

Our driving mission at Envera Health is to transform the experience of healthcare consumers and improve people’s lives. Changing the experience starts with listening and learning the truth. We believe this so deeply that our company name, Envera, is based on the Latin term “in truth.” And the truth is, better healthcare experiences are possible.

The 2018 Truth Report is based on a collection of consumer stories and discussions. This report begins with the results of our story analysis, combined with in-person observations. Following each result, we’ll uncover our insights gleaned from the stories and explain what we learned from sharing these insights with transformation leaders.

Participant stories were submitted via the Share More Stories platform and analyzed using IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Personality Insights (PI) services that reveal the needs, sentiment, emotions and values expressed through the stories.

  • Needs Analysis reveals the degree to which each author will tend to have certain needs.
  • Emotions Analysis indicates the strength of emotions in each story.
  • Sentiment We identified and extracted concepts, then reported the top four for each story.
  • Values Analysis describes motivating factors that influence a person’s decision making.
  • Personality Analysis reveals the degree to which the author will tend to exhibit certain traits.

We will continue to collect stories like the ones featured throughout this report. And over time, by listening to the true voices of consumers telling stories about their healthcare experiences, we will measure the transformation of healthcare. One story at a time.

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