What’s in a name? That which we call a rose.

Introducing Envera Rose

Over a year ago, our team set out to come up with a name for Envera Health’s proprietary engagement center platform. Built off Salesforce, our platform was developed around one goal: creating a better experience for patients. We built our technology platform to support the entire patient journey, regardless of how, why, or when a consumer connects with a health system. Integrating clinical information, consumer data, scheduling guidelines, and event registration along with telephony, IVR and a data warehouse, this platform enables our team to create seamless, multi-channel experiences for consumers on behalf of the health systems we work with.

While our product development and engineering teams are still constantly improving and releasing new versions, as it is today this platform gives our team visibility of a complete 360 degree patient profile, including demographics, communication preferences, dependent information, upcoming appointments and clinical reminders. With all this information at our fingertips, we’re able to reduce transfers and limit fractured interactions while supporting multiple providers and ensuring the delivery of a personalized experience.

What makes this platform even more unique is that it’s not for sale. This powerful technology was built to enable our team to provide the best, most seamless and consumer-oriented interactions that healthcare consumers have ever experienced. This is what we call technology with a human touch. When answering a phone call, text, email or click-to-chat message, our team leverages the platform to provide information, schedule appointments, register for events and provide referrals.

A tool this powerful cannot be without a name. So last year we brought in an expert from the VCU Brandcenter to help us find a meaningful and memorable name for our technology platform. We started by listening to stories from the daily users of the platform and picking up on adjectives and other characteristics used to describe the platform.

As a services organization with our people being our biggest differentiator, we were drawn to the very ‘human’ characteristics of our platform. We began to ask ourselves “Who embodies these similar characteristics? Who do we know from history that we could we draw inspiration from?” We wanted the platform name to represent the story of a trailblazer. We were looking for someone who created a legacy for themselves, someone who was on a mission to transform an industry and someone who would instantly connect to Envera Health.

That’s when we came across the story of Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was a trailblazing figure in nursing who greatly affected 19th and 20th-century policies around proper care. During the Crimean War, 18,000 soldiers had been admitted into military hospitals. Fiercely determined, compassionate and dedicated to alleviating patients’ suffering, Florence kept meticulous records of the large number of deaths due to poor sanitary conditions compared to the number of deaths due to war injuries.

She produced powerful graphs, known as ‘rose diagrams,’ to show that more soldiers were dying from infectious diseases like typhoid and cholera than from injuries incurred in battle.

Florence Nightingale vastly contributed to improving the sanitary conditions and reducing the hospital’s death rate by two-thirds. Based on her observations, Nightingale wrote “Notes on Matters Affecting the Health, Efficiency and Hospital Administration of the British Army,” a report analyzing her experience that sparked worldwide health care reform.

Introducing Envera Rose

Inspired by Florence Nightingale’s unrelenting dedication to improving healthcare and her use of data to improve lives, we are proud to introduce Envera Rose, Envera Health’s CRM-Enabled Engagement Center Platform. The name “Rose” symbolizes the maternal nature of patient care. “Rose” represents the high level of comfort, security and convenience that Envera Health’s team hopes to create for healthcare consumers. Much like Florence Nightingale, we believe by leveraging data and technology with a human touch, we can improve lives and transform the healthcare experience.

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Envera Health released the name Rose on February 14, 2019
as part of the company’s Valentine’s Day Celebration.

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