Johanna Epstein Joins Envera Health as SVP of Engagement Center Operations

We’re thrilled to welcome Johanna Epstein as Envera’s Senior Vice President of Engagement Center Operations. A recognized expert in healthcare administration and patient access transformation, Johanna will be leading Envera’s Engagement Center operations while supporting the design and development of customized managed services for our healthcare provider partners. Throughout her career Johanna has worked with several dynamic health systems and clinical organizations, including Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice, Penn Medicine, University of Miami Medical Group, Georgetown University Medical Center Faculty Practice Group, and Partners Healthcare System in Boston.

Johanna recently moved to Richmond, Virginia and has already hit the ground running at Envera! We were lucky to grab her for a few moments during her first week for a quick interview so we could hear her story and officially welcome her to the Envera Team and Richmond Community. Here’s what we learned:

Why does transforming healthcare matter to you?
Because I’m a patient and the people that I love are patients. My mother was really sick for about 9 years of her life. She was ushered through the healthcare process—and she had a rough time with it. Even with the help of somebody who knew how to navigate it a bit. I thought to myself, what about the patients who don’t have a Johanna? There has to be a way to make this better for the patients.

What is your biggest achievement or proudest moment? Professionally, I have been incredibly lucky to work for some dynamic health systems who have been open to change. Everywhere I’ve gone, an EPIC implementation has somehow followed me. I’ve been able to get experience with a variety of technology platforms. I’ve had a diverse background with lots of operational experiences. I’ve worked hard, but I think there’s been a certain amount of luck there too.

Favorite Movie: Ace Ventura Pet Detective. Not movie #2 or #3, just the first one!

Favorite Food: Anything pasta—especially linguine and clam sauce.

Tell us something we wouldn’t expect about you! I caught a 383lbs tuna fish in Cape Hatteras, NC!

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