Improving Contact Center Service with Data, Incentives and Better Perspective on AI

Here at Envera Health, our mission is to help providers deliver better experiences and build stronger, loyal relationships with their patients. Last month I had the opportunity to attend NICE inContact’s Interactions conference, a three-day event focused on how industry leaders are improving customer support and success in their contact centers.

Envera Health’s Customer Engagement center utilizes NICE inContact’s CXone cloud solutions to provide a consistent, integrated, and seamless experience every time we handle a call. Calls are routed to agents with the skills to best suit the customer’s needs, and in turn, our agents receive detailed analytics and customer satisfaction data to ensure they are providing the best service possible.

As one of the only healthcare industry representatives at the conference, I was excited to bring back some valuable insight and ideas I learned during my week on the west coast.

The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

One of my favorite break-out sessions during the conference was a presentation from Forrester that covered the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) in call centers. While I was expecting this presentation to focus solely on the benefits of AI, I learned a lot about the challenges AI presents today.

Forrester had a few recommendations for call centers using AI, including:

  • Know the customer journey from beginning to end. Study data and find where customers become exhausted in the phone tree process. Identify these pain points and look for resolutions.
  • Have a few “golden nuggets” of standard information filled out for the agents before they get the call such as name, date of birth, etc. Gathering this data before the caller gets to the agent can help improve both the agent and customer experience.
  • Recognize the limitations to AI. Remember that AI only gathers data and unlike an agent, it can’t easily filter out information, gather requirements or understand right from wrong.

At Envera Health, we are constantly leveraging data to connect callers to the best agent for their specific needs. For instance, we handle a lot of calls related to medication refills, and with the NICE inContact’s QA tool, we kept seeing ‘prescription’ and ‘refill.’ So, we established a separate line for that purpose. This expedited the medication refill process, patient satisfaction went up, and traffic was redirected away from agents who didn’t have the skills to help.

Better Use of Data & Incentivizing Agents

The breakout session presented by City Furniture shared some great insight on improving contact centers by focusing more on data and sharing metrics across the organization. They suggest:

  • Producing intra-day reports to better track real-time data coming into the center, so you can identify problems faster and course-correct.
  • Delivering data to every individual on every level to strive for better accountability across the organization.
  • Having coaches (managers) sit down with agents and go over data during one-on-one meetings to better identify areas for improvement.

Another presentation covered the importance of using the detailed analytics and data insight to incentivize agents and enhance overall performance. Some organizations advocated for using scorecards where agents must meet certain key performance indicators (KPIs). If the agents meet all the requirements, they’re rewarded with a cash bonus.

Here at Envera Health, we use NICE inContact to generate weekly reports on our agent’s respective calls and individual customer satisfaction scores. With so many ways to measure and prepare each agent for success throughout their calls, we can incentivize and reward our talented employees while driving growth and efficiency for our clients.

Overall, it was an exciting week of meeting professionals who share the same goal of leveraging technology to create meaningful interactions with their customers. Following the conference, NICE inContact published a case study on how Envera Health uses their technology to enhance the patient experience. Download the guide today!

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