Impacting Population Health Through Innovative Marketing

Envera Health’s Erinne Dyer was recently published in the Summer 2018 Management In Healthcare: A Peer-Reviewed Journal, Volume 2 Number 4, a professional journal publishing in-depth, peer-reviewed articles and case studies on leadership, administration and management in healthcare.

Erinne was joined by Kate Fox Nagel, KFN Strategies and Andy Kaplan, Integrated Community Solutions, to share ways of Impacting Population Health Through Innovative Marketing. At the intersection of community health and population health is engagement, communication and connection. Health Systems across the country struggle to make these connections with their consumers and rarely realize the efficiencies that can be gained when the resources of marketing, communications, clinical delivery and community health are connected. This intersection is at the heart of where public health finds success and outcomes. This article reflects the work of several forward-thinking professionals in the areas of marketing, communications, public health and community engagement who tested the hypothesis with outstanding results.

Impacting Population Health Through Innovative Marketing Abstract

Programs focused on value-based care can help reduce costs and improve care and outcomes for entire populations. These programs become even more appealing in light of the unsustainable growth of health-care spending compared with overall outcomes. While programs like these are effective, they can, however, be difficult to execute. Modern marketing tactics offer a possible solution. Healthcare systems can use the same innovative marketing tactics and strategies business to consumer marketers have used (with great success) for years. Traditional, digital and social marketing tactics are designed to influence behavior to create loyalty. When applied to the practice of health care and focused on population health goals, they can effectively motivate behaviors, incentivize actions and deliver measurable results. Correctly implemented in partnership with multichannel initiatives, community health programs can do more than improve population health. They can also engender respect for the healthcare system in the community and help weave the system into the fabric of the community itself. These programs can benefit the community, participating community organizations, program participants and the healthcare systems that sponsor them. This paper reviews the theory and program launched by Carolinas HealthCare System and Cleveland Clinic.

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