Humans Of Envera: Rachel Hippchen

Rachel Hippchen is Envera Health’s Communication Ambassador. Her role brings her into contact with every team and, as such, Rachel is an essential part of “the glue” of our culture and community. We admire her hard work and dedication.

Who is the most influential person in your life?

“My parents. They raised four kids who either graduated college or are about [to graduate college] and instilled the motto ‘don’t hand in anything you’re not proud to put your name behind.’ Part of my job is making sure that everyone is in the know, company-wide, but on the flip side it’s making sure that everyone also has a voice. Even though we aren’t a really big company, I like giving people a voice.”

What’s the biggest challenge you face working at Envera?

“COVID has been a huge challenge because of the virtual environment. I have been communicating more now in multiple channels like texting, emails, and other platforms to make sure we are connecting to people.”

What’s one of your proudest moments working at Envera?

“A lot of little stuff. Over the past four months we’ve grown Patient Access Coordinators by a quarter and I’ve been a part of recruiting and training, which has been fulfilling. I work with every team and department so it’s nice to help as many people as I can. As the communications ambassador I represent the company so I’m proud to take my responsibility as the “voice” of the company very seriously.”

How do you deal with difficult times?

“From my writing background, I like writing things down. If I can get it on paper, I don’t have to hold it in my head and I can free that space up for creative things. Empathy is important in my life, I try to put myself in other peoples’ shoes, which is important at Envera for patients, co-workers and as a growing company.  I step back and remove myself to understand the situation.”

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