Humans Of Envera: Erinne Dyer

Erinne Dyer is an original Envera Health founder and Executive Vice President leading our Growth Team. A healthcare industry veteran, Erinne is passionate about changing the industry and lives. Her leadership and can-do attitude are inspirations to all.

Who is the most influential person in your life?

“My mother. Because she is the most principled, resilient, intelligent, and kind person that I know.  She was a single mom, from the time I was very young, went back to school when she was 35 and I was 10, and ended up with a master’s degree and a CEO position by time I was 17. Family is what’s most important to her, with education second. She walked the walk when it came to both of these. For that and thousands of other reasons she’s definitely the most influential person.”

What’s the biggest challenge you face working at Envera?

“The most challenging time here at Envera is and has been determining the path by which we’ll be most impactful as an organization on the industry without disrupting the company. In the beginning [of starting Envera] it was exciting to get everyone together and create a vision. Years 2 and 3 were hard years until we hit our stride. My biggest challenge was to help stay focused and positive for the company so as to make it through those grinding moments. What got us through was pure grit and resilience. There’s an absolute need for Envera in this industry. I saw my mom recreate her life while taking care of four kids and not giving up. Those principles have gotten us through hard times here as well. ”

What’s one of your proudest moments working at Envera?

“It’s a tie between two equally proudest moments. The first was when we got the Series A investors to believe in the business. [The second] and equal to that is the day we signed the first net-new contract. Both of these legitimized our vision of truly creating a more seamless, connected, and consumer focused experience. It told us that there’s something here and we do have the ability to change the industry.”

What drives you?

“The team, and not just my team, but the company as a team. What drives me every single day is the way we depend on each other to make this thing work. I know the job I do has a direct impact on our team and their families, so I want to be dependable. I have a rule in my household, for my children, that you never cancel. That goes for signing up for sports or telling someone you’re going to call them. You don’t cancel unless your house is on fire. That’s how important being dependable is to me.”

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