Create More Powerful Moments for Patients in 2019

The Heath brothers’ latest bestseller “The Power of Moments: Why Certain Experiences Have Extraordinary Impact” by Chip and Dan Heath, explores what sets certain times and experiences apart, and how we can use that knowledge to intentionally create moments that make a difference.

Regardless of your role, there are opportunities to create memorable moments for those around you. Managers and supervisors, educators, parents, salespeople and ministers can all create powerful moments. But no one may have as many rich opportunities to deliver powerful moments as those who work in healthcare.

The authors break down the four elements needed to create these memorable moments: Elevation, insight, pride and connection.

  1. Elevation is an experience that stands out from the routine, breaks the usual script or raises the stakes.
  2. Insight moments involve causing others to “trip over the truth” to make discoveries that can transform their thinking.
  3. Moments of pride mark achievements and recognize meaningful milestones.
  4. Connection moments create unity and deepen

Healthcare is ripe with opportunities to go above and beyond to create these moments. Chip Heath points out that in the early days of medicine, before antibiotics, one of the only things a doctor could do is provide moments of insight. They could describe what the patient could expect to happen, and then try to keep them comfortable. Moments of insight are still valuable to patients and families.

Certainly, many moments in healthcare stand out for patients. At Envera Health, every day our team is on the phone, helping consumers navigate their healthcare needs. With our company’s focus on engagement and customer experience, we are constantly challenging ourselves to elevate the moment, to become memorable, and transform a routine experience into a delightful moment that will resonate for a lifetime.

For me, the most memorable moment of 2018 occurred in May during a storytelling exercise with my colleagues that was led by Share More Stories. Hearing my colleagues share stories of frustration, life-saving encounters, and their own healthcare experiences made me realize how challenging this work really is. I heard stories of agents who transformed a routine experience into a delightful moment, and stories showing how even in traumatic circumstances, our team can foster connections that deepen relationships and bring meaning to difficult times. This workshop gave me a new-found appreciation for and meaning to our company mission “transform healthcare to improve people’s lives.”

Through personal, experiential storytelling, Envera Health employees describe what healthcare experiences are like today.

Envera Health used the stories from our employee workshop as a launching point, and over the past year, we continued collecting stories and facilitating discussions about real healthcare experiences. These stories have since been analyzed using IBM Watson artificial intelligence technology and in-person observations to examine why transforming healthcare has been so challenging.

The 2018 Truth Report provides a framework for ongoing insights of the entire healthcare experience, which can then be used to develop actionable ideas that lead to transformation.

For example, when talking about improving the healthcare we often try to tackle the entire experience, which is extremely overwhelming. However, by focusing on improving a few key moments we will be in a better position to advance the whole healthcare experience.

Please join us for the official release of the 2018 Truth Report via webinar on January 18, 2019. We are pleased to also welcome James Warren from Share More Stories to join us in the official release. Following each result, we’ll uncover insights gleaned from the stories and hear from sought-after outside industry leaders challenging the way we think about the future of healthcare.

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