How Using A Bump List Can Help You Navigate COVID-19

While the healthcare industry continues to be strained under the weight of a surging pandemic, physicians and practice managers are forced to manage their businesses in very different ways to protect their patients, their margins and their staff. These operational decisions often disrupt schedules, staffing, and patient appointments to create room, ensure safety, and react to illness within organizations. To manage the disruption, physicians and practice managers are increasing their use of bump lists.

What is a bump list?

Bump lists are created and managed in a variety of ways but their basic function allows patients to be seen, opens capacity for more urgent needs, and communicates changes in appointments to patients in a more timely and proactive way than a typical patient list. Bump lists usually perform three important functions:

  • Bump lists flexibly move, cancel, or reschedule patients’ appointments due to staffing/health restrictions in the practice
  • Bump lists manage patients who need to be seen on an urgent basis—and are willing to see any provider as appointments become available—by moving those patients into any provider’s schedule with an opening
  • Bump lists create “blocks” of scheduled provider time that allow patients to be seen on an as needed basis but only for a single healthcare need

How can bump lists be used during this 3rd wave of COVID-19?

Bump lists have been in use for some time, this article from 2016 details one practice’s first use, but they are more needed today due to COVID-19 demands. Bump lists are particularly effective now because of the restrictions being placed again on elective procedures. Bump lists can be created for patients needing elective procedures to be proactively contacted and rescheduled once the restrictions are lifted. Bump lists can also mitigate scheduling interruptions due to staff illness, infection, and exposure inside of practices and groups by moving and rescheduling patients to be seen by healthy providers in safe settings. Bump lists use of “blocks” is particularly powerful to schedule sick patients with symptoms believed to be COVID-19 related by separating them from other, non-COVID-19 potential patients and offering protection to all.

We can help with your bump list

If you’re a physician or practice manager that is unable to effectively manage the increased need to move, cancel, or reschedule appointments with your current staff, we can help. Our best in class people, technology, and work-flows can use your predetermined and designated time “blocks” to proactively manage patient calls for appointments, relieving the burden on your staff that needs to focus on treating patients safely. Additionally, the Envera Health Engagement Center can perform proactive outreach for patients’ appointments that you either need to move or reschedule completely without using any of your resources to complete this time-consuming task.

Bump lists are not new and they aren’t going anywhere. If you aren’t using one yet, it’s time to consider creating your own to manage the next few months of crises and if you are currently using bump lists to manage appointments but want to navigate this logjam and ensure patient satisfaction then it’s time to find a partner who uses current best practices so that you can focus on what you do best: giving patients the critical care they need, when they need it.

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