Envision a New Era of Engagement with Envera’s Campaign Call Center Services

Meet Mark, the Director of Marketing for the Wecare Health System.  He’s been hard at work – getting new patients in the door and keeping them coming back. But last year Wecare’s marketing campaigns weren’t performing as he had hoped. Without the support of a call center, Mark was struggling to show the true financial value of marketing. So he went in search of a trusted call center partner, and that’s what he found with Envera Health.

Now, Mark has the attributable revenue with clear ROI to their efforts.  And there is no question about how Marketing is contributing to patient growth.

Are you on a mission to show value and deliver consumer-oriented care? Watch “Envision Envera: A New Era of Engagement” to see how Envera’s Campaign Call Center Services can help your healthcare marketing initiatives.

At Envera Health, we’re more than just a call center. Contact us and learn how our solutions are transforming healthcare!

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