Employees Reflect On Their Most Memorable Moments for Envera Health’s Third ‘Enveraversary’

Since day one, the mission of Envera Health has always been simple: to make healthcare better and improve people’s lives. In honor of our third ‘Enveraversary’ we asked some of our team members to share some of their most memorable moments and milestones over the past year. Here are some of our reasons why year three was a year to remember:

  • “I am most proud of the Engagement Center’s focus on building new, innovative processes and structures that will improve efficiency for our agents and the clients we serve. These efforts will also lend to improved quality outcomes and enhanced patient experience insights. Our 2019 results to date are the best in Envera Health history, and I’m looking forward to seeing how we continue to grow in year four.”
    Nancy Van Maren, Senior Vice President of Engagement Center Operations
  • Our third year was exciting as we welcomed several new leaders to the team who have truly carried forth the values of Envera Health. I’ve also enjoyed working alongside my colleagues to give back to the community by assisting local students with internships and other educational opportunities.”
    Mary Payne, Executive Assistant & Project Manager
  • “I’ve had the privilege of working alongside passionate and dedicated people who care deeply about the work that they do here at Envera. I’ve been touched by the conversations I’ve had with our Agents and Clinical staff who clearly have so much empathy for the patients they serve and have consistently been impressed by the rigor our Product team embraces with each and every project they undertake. While these two work groups sit on opposite sides of our building and are on the surface very different occupations, we’re united through our shared values and collective vision to make the healthcare experience just a little bit better than it is today. With that, I am particularly proud of our recent efforts to strengthen our office wide sense of community through various team building activities and look forward to spending more time together in year four.”
    Tammy Mullins, Head of People and Culture
  • “I’ve had the opportunity to establish such great relationships with clients and help identify and improve gaps in their current process’. Seeing how my work makes a difference in the lives of providers and their patients has been extremely gratifying.”
    Conway Dryden, Client Relations Coordinator

In addition to reflecting on the past year, we also asked employees about their predictions for the future of Envera Health and the healthcare industry at large.

  • “Over the recent months I’ve really come to understand the need for deep human connections in healthcare. The industry is bombarded with technology and data solutions trying to revolutionize the game. There is no question that these ideas and processes are game changers, but it’s imperative that we don’t lose sight of the human element. Patients need connection and compassion in today’s world more than ever. During my first few months at Envera Health, I’ve really seen how we as a company are able to leverage technology to help caregivers connect with patients in more meaningful ways.”
    Chris Levandowski, Director of Sales
  • “I think the next year is going to be a strong one for Envera. We’ve defined our offerings, improved operational and financial performance, and have new processes to create and deliver our services. The benefits will flow to our customers, supporting their success with professional and cost effective solutions.”
    Susan Olyha, Chief Financial Officer
  • “This past year Envera Health added more clients than ever before. As a result, our agents and nurses will be able to help connect care for even more patients in the exciting year ahead.”
    Ingrid Kaiser, Director of Operations and Clinical Programs

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