Employee Spotlight: Meet Envera’s First Extern!

I’m pleased to introduce Stefanie Gross, Envera Health’s first Extern! Stefanie is working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration, and within the next five weeks, she’ll be rotating through different departments at Envera Health. Stefanie previously worked as a pharmacy technician and has interned at hospitals and with other healthcare providers. She is eager to explore a new side of the healthcare industry here at Envera Health.

As Stefanie rotates through Envera Health, she’ll catch up with us each week to share what she’s learned. Here’s what we learned this week:

The most informative experience so far has been sitting in on calls with the agents in the Engagement Center. I also spent time with Omar Page (Reporting and Analytics Manager) to learn about staffing models and some of the decision-making that goes into equipping the Engagement Center. It’s more than just hiring—there is an equation they use to ensure the Engagement Center has the resources to fulfill their goals. It’s very strategic.

I also created a training presentation for the Health Information Line agents in the Engagement (Call) Center. I compiled the scripting and training documents, the project overview, and workflows. I didn’t create this information myself—it was created by multiple people on Envera’s clinical implementation team, including Karen and Shannah—so it took a lot of collaboration to ensure all the necessary information was accurate and included.

I’m really enjoying learning about the wide variety of services Envera provides. One of the reasons I was motivated to have my externship at Envera was to push myself beyond my comfort zone. I’ve done internships at nursing homes and I also worked as a pharmacy technician—in both roles I had limited access and exposure to multiple perspectives of the healthcare system. Being able to see and understand the multiple touchpoints of Envera’s services, and also experiencing people’s passion firsthand has been very motivating for me.

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