Creating a Moment of Kindness

When you’re feeling sick and need to go visit the doctor, a small act of kindness can make a huge difference. A recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Dignity Health showed that most Americans believe being treated kindly by a physician is most important when choosing a healthcare provider. This study also revealed that over 50% of patients have experienced unkind behavior in a healthcare setting. If kindness is so important, why does it seem to be lacking?

At Envera Health, we understand the value of a moment of kindness. Our team of Engagement Center Agents work to create moments of unexpected happiness, relief or comfort during overwhelming and stressful healthcare situations.  We encourage our team to slow down and listen, spend a few extra minutes on the call to make sure the patient’s concerns are addressed and shows them that you care.

In honor of #WorldKindnessDay, here’s just one example of how our team spreads kindness in the moments that matter most.

I received an inbound call from a patient who had recently been discharged from the hospital. He was returning a call that one of my colleagues made to check in on him. Instantly, I could tell that he was upset. I asked the patient for his phone number, and he roared, “you should know my number, you called me.” I could tell that he was upset. After explaining that a phone number is needed to access his chart, the patient agreed to give me his number and went on to tell me about his terrible experience at the emergency department. He felt as though the nurses and doctors didn’t listen to him or care about what he was going through.

I apologized and reassured him that I would share his feedback with the team. He went on to tell me how his wife had recently passed away and now he was dealing with stage four cancer. Overwhelmed with what this patient was going through, I said, “you have really been going through a rough time, haven’t you?” I could hear the patient exhale. “It’s been so hard,” he said. I apologized again. Then he asked for my name. “My name is Debbie like the Little Debbie cakes in the food store.” He started laughing and thanked me for talking with him. “I won’t forget you,” he said and hung up the phone.  – Debbie

Have you made someone laugh today? Sometimes that’s all it takes to spread joy and change someone’s entire day.

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