About Ingrid Kaiser

Envera Health’s Director of Clinical Programs, Ingrid Kaiser, has an extensive nursing background covering over 30 years of caring for patients and their families. Experiences in different settings such as acute care hospitals, physical rehabilitation centers, insurance companies, care management and managed care organizations have provided a unique lens through which she views health care and how patient care needs impact the entire community. Being able to bridge gaps and create solutions at Envera Health, brings daily joy to Ingrid and her clinical team.

Teamwork is the Heart of Health Care

Quality health care is a team effort. But what makes a great team? According to a definition used by the World Health Organization, highly effective health care teams share certain characteristics.

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Build a Better Discharge Experience with Four Simple Steps

Hospital discharge is a complex process happening at a time when patients are especially vulnerable. But at Envera Health, we believe that the healthcare experience doesn’t end at discharge.

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Key Strategies to Preventing Readmissions

Hospital readmission can be costly in more ways than one, readmissions can have more than just a financial impact on healthcare organizations. Fortunately, there are several strategies that can help prevent readmissions and improve the transition of care.

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How to Take Control of Your Medications

Do you feel in control of your high cholesterol or high blood pressure meds? Medication management is as much the patient’s job as it is the job of the healthcare team. But for a patient to be motivated to follow their doctor’s complex post-care instructions, they need to understand why these medications are so important  ̶  for them.

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