Erinne Dyer

About Erinne Dyer

Erinne Dyer is a leader in innovative healthcare growth strategies with the unique ability to assess organizational goals, understand operations, build cross-functional teams and achieve measurable success. In addition to the experience she brings from managing corporate communications, marketing, and outreach teams at healthcare systems such as the Cleveland Clinic and Carolinas HealthCare System, Erinne also brings immense passion for creating omni-channel, data-driven, personalized solutions to attract, retain and engage tomorrow’s healthcare consumers. A proud Cleveland native (and loyal Browns fan), Erinne is an avid sports enthusiast and loves watching her two girls in soccer and softball. An avid runner, Erinne has completed over 20 marathons and is now challenging herself with a new goal – running a marathon in all 50 states!

Webinar Event! How to Create Customers for Life: The Healthcare Access Edition

Companies like Amazon and Uber have set a high bar for customer experiences. It’s no surprise that today’s health care consumers expect the same type of seamless experience when interacting with their healthcare providers. For healthcare organizations operating in this evolving marketplace, success is not just about being the “best.”

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A New Era Consumer-Driven Care

When it comes to ease, convenience, cost and customer experience, healthcare lags behind other industries. But the dynamics of the healthcare market are changing. Today’s savvy customers expect to have similar experiences in healthcare and are prepared to walk away if their expectations are not met.

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Make a Winning First Impression

Patients are consumers and today's consumers of healthcare are increasingly unwilling to be "patient" with the system. When it comes to ease, convenience, cost and customer experience, healthcare is far behind other industries.

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