About Elise Crockett

Elise Crockett leads Corporate Marketing at Envera Health and oversees Envera’s campaign services. In this role, Elise works with health systems to develop and fully integrate campaigns with Envera’s CRM-enabled engagement (call) center to improve lead conversion and create customers for life. Prior to joining Envera, Elise was involved in the start-up of a national advocacy and public relations campaign, Shot@Life – a movement led by the UN and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to ensure children around the globe have access to vaccines. Elise shaped the campaign’s marketing strategy and award-winning website (PR News, Best New Site, 2012) while building digital engagement that was critically important to the success of the campaign (which remains active and successful today). Elise studied Mass Communications at Virginia Tech and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). She has 10 years of communications consulting experience with clients such as the U.S. EPA, Virginia Department of Health, and Richmond City Health District. Elise serves on the MPH Advisory Board at VCU.

Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies Summit: Chicago, 2019

The annual Summit on Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies (also known as HMPS) is one of the most anticipated events for healthcare marketers across the country. The three-day summit provides a wealth of information about strategic healthcare marketing, physician relations and digital strategies.

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Women Gain Easier Access to Life-Saving Services with Envera Health

National Women’s Health Week serves as a reminder for all women to make their health a priority. At Envera Health, women’s health is especially important to us. Eighty percent of our workforce are women including four female executives. And it’s because of the incredible women we’ve had in our lives – moms, aunts, teachers and friends, that we’ve become the hard-working, talented and compassionate team that we have here at Envera Health.

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What’s in a name? That which we call a rose.

Inspired by Florence Nightingale’s unrelenting dedication to improving healthcare and her use of data to improve lives, we are proud to introduce Envera Rose, Envera Health’s CRM-Enabled Engagement Center Platform.

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The 2018 Truth Report

The 2018 Truth Report is based on a collection of consumer stories and discussions. This report begins with the results of our story analysis, combined with in-person observations. Following each result, we’ll uncover our insights gleaned from the stories and explain what we learned from sharing these insights with transformation leaders.

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Creating a Moment of Kindness

At Envera Health, we understand the value of a moment of kindness. Our team of Engagement Center Agents work to create moments of unexpected happiness, relief or comfort during overwhelming and stressful healthcare situations.  

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How an Improved Discharge Experience Drops Readmissions

What happens to a patient when they are discharged and get home with a 25-page set of instructions? Transitions are happening at an overwhelming time for patients, a time when patients are not able to fully to understand their discharge instructions.

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Five Truths of Transformation from VCU Health

Today’s healthcare landscape is rapidly changing with new competitors constantly entering the market and news dominated by headlines of retail giants dipping their toes in healthcare.

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