A New Era Consumer-Driven Care

When it comes to ease, convenience, cost and customer experience, healthcare lags behind other industries. But the dynamics of the healthcare market are changing. Today’s savvy customers expect to have similar experiences in healthcare and are prepared to walk away if their expectations are not met.

As patients continue taking a more consumer-oriented approach to their healthcare, keeping them engaged and loyal is vitally important to the health system’s success. But today’s health systems are not equipped with the skills, expertise, infrastructure and technology to efficiently and successfully deploy the patient access and communications strategies that are necessary to maintain engagement.

THE SITUATION: Consumer Expectations Change Marketing’s Role
When faced with meeting aggressive goals for market share, today’s health system marketing teams are experiencing increased pressure to enhance their marketing efforts, create diversified campaigns and integrate further into the clinical delivery efforts. While these demands have allowed marketing teams to initiate more campaigns and tie their efforts directly to growth, many still don’t have the “last mile” of conversion covered to ensure the consumer gets in the door: the call center.

OUR SOLUTION: Marketing Call Center
Envera Health partners with health systems to improve the consumer experience. We essentially build a new front door for health systems. Utilizing an advanced engagement (call) center and a unique 360 degree view of the customer, we empower our provider partners and make it possible to deliver one seamless, connected, superior experience.

Starting with a brief assessment, Envera works with health system marketing teams to identify how we could deliver higher value and include attribution for their efforts. Despite the marketing team’s campaign efforts to drive patients into the care pathway, we often discover a number of the inbound calls connected with the campaigns are experiencing issues while there is little to no outbound outreach.

Prospective customers typically face:

  • Lengthy call hold times
  • Dropped, neglected and rushed calls
  • Multiple transfers
  • Long wait times for appointments

Here is the problem: Health system call centers have been designed to “appoint,” not “nurture.” The lack of a central call center, complicated templates and various technologies contribute to poor hand-offs, communication gaps and less than desirable patient experiences.

To improve these experiences, we recommend proactive call center support services that extend across marketing, access and care coordination. Here’s why:

  • Timely replies to inquiries adds to a positive patient experience — turning prospects into patients
  • Obtaining demographic information saves time and improves efficiencies
  • Adding value to every interaction consistently exceeds patient expectations

Our implementation plan includes use of the following tools to build a connected experience:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Experienced Agents
  • Managed Services

Speed to implementation: In less than 4 weeks we will update your scripts and began taking calls for your campaigns!

The NEW Consumer Experience
Through Envera’s partnership with an important health system partner, a marketing team’s efforts were improved, a consumer’s experience made better and an appointment to the system created all because of an integrated marketing call center being put in place to support marketing campaigns.

Here is her story:
Meet Lori, a 40-year-old wife, mom and nurse. Despite dieting, her weight continued to increase. Lori had heard great things about surgical weight loss, but doubts that her insurance would cover it. When doing some research online, she comes across information about a surgical weight loss program offered in her area. She submitted her contact information through a form on the health system website.

Envera Health Agent, Megan, sees that Lori filled out the form. She calls Lori and introduces herself.

“Hi Lori, I am following up from your request for more information on WeCare Health System’s surgical weight loss program. I have a few brief questions to ask. Is this a convenient time for you?”

Megan collected demographic, medical history and insurance information. She answered all of Lori’s questions and scheduled a consultation appointment. Megan also helped Lori with necessary patient education material along with appointment details and a map to the facility.

Now, Lori has all the information and resources she needs to have an exceptional experience.

Our Results
Before you know it, we quickly transitioned the “call center” into a “revenue center.” Today, 100% of our health system partner’s campaign calls are answered. They can now provide the ultimate customer experience while their marketing team is showing a greater than 3:1 ROI on the marketing budget – proving the value that marketing can bring to the health system in no time.

Have you heard that there’s no capacity for your marketing campaigns from your call center? If you feel like you’re not getting the support you need and struggle to prove value, let’s talk.
Email me at edyer@enverahealth.com.

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