Kickoff 2019 with the Truth about Healthcare Transformation

If you need inspiration for creating a more consumer-centered healthcare experience, we have just the ticket — or in this case, just the “click it.”

Our Truth about Transformation webinar is now available. You’ll hear stories of transformation from industry experts outside healthcare and learn how their lessons can be applied to healthcare. Plus, we share the lessons learned from stories shared by our own Envera agents and their interactions with consumers.

Dr. Nancy Gagliano shares her experience at CVS where she was a senior vice president and Chief Medical Officer for Minute Clinic. Her insights are fascinating on how CVS transformed into a true consumer-centered healthcare company, including a huge decision to risk a $2 billion loss to stop selling cigarettes. Dr. Gagliano contrasts the typical provider-centered healthcare organization with how Minute Clinics were built around the consumer’s needs and wants. Their convenience, accessibility on evenings, weekends and holidays, along with pricing transparency, have contributed to their incredible satisfaction scores and success.

Carrie Liken works with health systems across the country in her role with digital brand company Yext. She points out that organizations like CVS, Amazon, Google and Apple are all getting into the healthcare arena — with some huge advantages over health systems. These digital giants have the data, and they know how to use it to understand consumers. They also understand online search and discovery and how sophisticated it’s become in the last five years. Carrie challenges health systems to mine the data they have to start building their services around the patient, instead of the provider.

Amee Mungo with GoKart Labs is intrigued with the possibilities of leveraging the power of technology with the human component to transform healthcare. She sees comparisons with how financial services is changing to combine the power of digital technology with human interaction to support “financial wellness.” She envisions exciting possibilities for supporting wellness, especially as providers partner with digital experts to deliver the best experience to the consumer.

The webinar also includes great analysis by James Warren and Jen Pike of Share More Stories. We collected stories over the last year from our own Envera engagement center agents. These are the folks on the front lines, on the phone with consumers at important moments in their health journey. James and Jen evaluated these stories to determine the values and needs they express.

Their assessment revealed four basic needs that consumers have for their healthcare experience: stability, structure, love and closeness. While consumers need a predictable, consistent, reliable experience in their interactions with providers, they also need and desire the human interaction of caring and closeness. The challenge is how to balance those needs and make room for both efficient and effective care delivery while connecting on a human level.

We want to share what we’ve learned through bringing together these experts and insights. If you’d like to explore these transformation truths further, you can:

We’ll continue to tap into truth this year as we continue to advance consumer-driven healthcare and transform the consumer experience. Let us know if you’d like to join us for the 2019 Truth Lab and we’ll be sure you receive an invitation.

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