Visitor Information

We’re excited to have you as our guest at Envera Health. For your convenience, we’ve outlined some essential information to ensure you have the best experience. See you soon!


  1. Take S. 10th Street
  2. Turn LEFT onto Haxall Point 
  3. Enter the Troutman Sanders garage 
  4. Grab a ticket #1 from the entry gate
  5. Drive to P4 or above 
  6. Park in any non-reserved parking spot 
  7. Bring ticket #1 with you to receive parking validation

Our Main Entrance

  1. Take the main lobby elevators (painted the same color as the correlating parking level signs) to the lobby (L) floor
  2. When the elevator doors open at L, walk around the desk and through the Troutman Sanders lobby
  3. Exit through the revolving doors and enter the courtyard. 
  4. Walk down the steps and turn right

The main entrance to Envera Health is on the right of the Riverside on the James Apartment’s entrance.


When you arrive at the main entrance, our receptionist will swipe you in. Sign in to receive a guest badge. Please place it where it can be seen. 

Please return to the lobby to sign out, leave your guest badge, and receive parking ticket #2 (validated). You will need both parking tickets to exit the garage.