By the age of 65, the average patient has seen 28.4 different doctors in their lifetime, producing over 1,000 pages of unstructured clinical notes.

To deliver better care, we need to get the right information, to the right person, in the right place, and at the right time.

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Envera Health Launches New Company, Clareto, Connecting Life Insurance Industry to Patient-Authorized Health Information

Nov 15, 2017

To better serve growing demand for Envera Health’s Patient Authorized Data (PAD) Solutions, an innovative health data exchange model created to connect health information exchanges (HIEs) to life insurers, Envera Health is establishing a stand-alone company called Clareto. Dave Dorans, an experienced executive who has been part of several technology advances in the insurance industry, has been named CEO of Clareto.

[Webinar Recap] How Vanderbilt Health's Marketing Team Led Efforts to Unify the Consumer Experience

When Vanderbilt Health asked how they could improve conversion outcomes for strategic service line growth initiatives, their marketing team knew what they needed: proactive management of the consumer experience.