“I have spoken to probably 100 different practices trying to find someone that would take [my insurance]. She explained things and it was wonderful. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.”
“I was more satisfied than I have been in a while. The phone service has been greatly improved in the last year. Thanks so much.”

Solutions for Access

The Envera team improves communication between patients and providers

We develop new access strategies that meet the needs of the “whole” patient -- keeping them loyal and building relationships that last. The Envera Team will work to become familiar with your scheduling nuances, operational processes, and clinical procedures to better utilize capacity, open up availability, minimize access barriers to deliver a superior consumer and physician experience.and enable growth.

The Envera Engagement Center builds a new door giving healthcare systems the power to deliver a seamless, connected and superior experience.

Centralized Access Services

Internal Assessment
  • Workflow & Data Analysis
  • Operational and Clinical Process Redesign
  • Review of Technical & Integration Requirements
  • Evaluation of People and Skill Sets
  • Maturity Model Approach
Navigating New & Existing Patients
  • Scheduling Appointments & Events
  • Guided Referral
  • Pre-registration & Pre-authorization
The Envera difference
  • Extend call coverage when needed
  • Weekend and extended hours
  • One-touch resolution
  • Capture additional patient care needs per call
  • Standardize the appointment booking process

Measurable Impact

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Key Strategies to Preventing Readmissions

Hospital readmission can be costly in more ways than one, readmissions can have more than just a financial impact on healthcare organizations.

How to Take Control of Your Medications

Do you feel in control of your high cholesterol or high blood pressure meds? Medication management is as much the patient’s job as it is the job of the healthcare team. But for a patient to be motivated to follow their doctor’s complex post-care instructions, they need to understand why these medications are so important ̶ for them.