Envera believes care must extend into our communities to truly have an impact on the state of healthcare in our country.

That’s why as a part of every engagement, we offer one community health program at no charge. This program, called Envera4Good, is our pledge to extending the moments that matter to improve the health of our communities and fulfilling a higher purpose. That's how much we believe in strengthening the health of our communities and supporting our provider partner’s role in that responsibility to the health of their communities.

Our Approach

By weaving community-based programs into the fabric of the delivery system, Envera4Good can be aligned to community health needs and tailored to meet the goals of our provider partners.

  • Identify community health needs
  • Establish partnerships
  • Create health promotion programs
  • Evaluate community impact

Our Programs

The creation of partnerships is key to establishing touchpoints throughout the community. Envera has designed programs to help providers become inextricably linked to their communities.

  • Diet & Exercise
  • Prevention & Screening
  • Mental Health
  • Tobacco Use

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