"I have been exploring the possibility of having some form of surgical weightloss procedure. As I researched the various options to understand the criteria, the procedure, the financing, etc. different questions have arose. Each time that I have called and talked with Megan (Envera Agent), it has reinforced my decision to have this procedure with this provider."
"For the first time in 3 years, my phone call was answered in a timely manner and I actually got somebody who was pleasant and helpful."

Solutions for Growth

Utilizing our CRM-enabled Engagement (call) Center, Envera develops and fully delivers robust, customized and targeted multi-channel campaign strategies to inform consumers and keep patients engaged in their care. We help unify the consumer touches for your strategic marketing campaigns, managing inbound calls and synchronizing out-reach as well as scheduling for marketing-engaged practices.

Envera Health is committed to advancing consumer-driven care and making healthcare better.

Consumer Activation Services

For your organization
  • Campaign Services
  • Service Line Marketing
  • Contact Center Campaign Execution
  • Outreach Strategy and Execution
  • Reports & Attributions
  • Obtain demographic information
For your customers
  • Scheduling
  • Consumer Screening
  • Qualification Assessment
  • Registration
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Provider Referrals
The Envera difference
  • Reply to all inquiries in a timely manner
  • Add value to every interaction
  • Retain patients and offer alternative solutions
  • Reduce no-show/lost appointments
  • Ease of follow -through and conversion

Measurable Impact

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Key Strategies to Preventing Readmissions

Hospital readmission can be costly in more ways than one, readmissions can have more than just a financial impact on healthcare organizations.

How to Take Control of Your Medications

Do you feel in control of your high cholesterol or high blood pressure meds? Medication management is as much the patient’s job as it is the job of the healthcare team. But for a patient to be motivated to follow their doctor’s complex post-care instructions, they need to understand why these medications are so important ̶ for them.