Solutions for Coordinated Care

Our personalized care coordination services simplify the care process, offering systematic outreach to patients for preventative health needs and follow-up care. We proactively contact and schedule patients for appointments, closing care gaps that connect and streamline the care process.

Together with our provider partners, we create an ecosystem of connectivity to support today's consumer demands and build relationships that last.

Personalized Care Coordination Services

For your organization
  • Custom Care Pathways Intergration
  • Care Gap Outreach
  • Appointment Follow Up & Rescheduling
  • Discharge Management
  • Triage
For your patients
  • Preventative Care
  • Centralized Consumer Health Information Source
  • Transitions of Care
The Envera difference
  • Drives attribution
  • Supports recovery process
  • Reduces costly readmissions
  • Breaks down barriers to patient monitoring
  • Tackles obstacles to delivering highly engaged care

Measurable Impact

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Key Strategies to Preventing Readmissions

Hospital readmission can be costly in more ways than one, readmissions can have more than just a financial impact on healthcare organizations.

How to Take Control of Your Medications

Do you feel in control of your high cholesterol or high blood pressure meds? Medication management is as much the patient’s job as it is the job of the healthcare team. But for a patient to be motivated to follow their doctor’s complex post-care instructions, they need to understand why these medications are so important ̶ for them.