Brand Identity

Our brand identity is the outward expression of Envera Health. It uniquely and distinctively sets us apart. The logo, or brandmark, is the primary element of that identity; however, other elements play an important role in establishing our visual style, including typography, color palette, photography and graphic styles

Our Primary Brandmark

The Envera brandmark is simple, minimal, crisp and clear. The striped treatment or "horizon line" throughout reflects the concept of balance. It is bold, confident, and integrates elegantly into our brand messaging. 


Our Brandmark + Our Website

This version of our brandmark includes the url to Envera Health's website and should be used when more information is needed to identify the Envera brand (i.e. marketing collateral, physical products, etc.) 


Our Logomark

The Envera "E" logomark should not be used as a substituted to the primary brandmark. This logomark should be reserved for use on social channels and in other instances requiring a graphic with square dimensions.

                     Asset-141x.png#asset:321               Asset-151x.png#asset:322               Asset-161x.png#asset:323

Our Envera4Good Brandmark

This secondary brandmark should be used when referring to Envera's Envera4Good community health program. 



Typefaces are much more than font character styles. Used consistently, they can in themselves become images or symbols for our brand. Out two main typefaces are Solex and LL Brown.


The Brown type family was developed by Aurele Sac and published by Lineto. This is a clean, geometric type family offering clear legibility and a flexible range of weights. This typeface is simultaneously serious and playful and reflects Envera's entrepreneurial culture. 



The Solex type family is a sans-serif font used for bold, sophyisticated headlines. An industrial, minimal font family designed by Zuzana Licko and published by Emigre, Solex is ideal for use in clear, confident typesetting, and reflects Envera's attributes of a direct, trustworthy brand.


Color Palette

Color provides a strong foundation on which to build the Envera brand. Used effectively, color can be a primary means of communication. Our color palette incorporates the primary and secondary colors of our brand guidelines. 

Primary Color Palette 

Primary colors are those used consistently across communications and synonymous with the Envera brand identity. 

                  Asset-21x.png#asset:299     Asset-11x_180405_133309.png#asset:298     Asset-31x_180405_133309.png#asset:300

Secondary Color Palette

Secondary colors complement the primary colors and bring visual depth to communications in-line with the brand's personality. Secondary colors are intended for use across communications to highlight headings, aid navigation, and includes in charts and presentations. 

                 Asset-41x.png#asset:301     Asset-51x.png#asset:302     Asset-61x.png#asset:303     Asset-71x.png#asset:304     Asset-81x.png#asset:305