Christmas in July: What’s on your list?

Those of us who work in health systems know that we get one opportunity a year to make a budget (and check it twice). But without a crystal ball, how do we know what the year will bring?

I spent the better part of my career designing, building and running access centers for health systems. In this time, I learned that unless you’re able to prove extraordinary ROI, or some other miracle happens, it’s almost impossible to get additional resources – regardless of how good you are or how many new programs and initiatives have been added to your plate.

So how can we build a great experience for patients wanting access to our system when our resources are drained?

In the spirit of Christmas in July, I put together a list of gift ideas, or services, to augment a health system’s access challenges. 

Christmas in July wish list:

  • 45 People. If I could just get more staff...
  • A report showing my abandonment rate go from 15% to under 5%
  • Time to focus on core service lines and scheduling
  • Positive service levels
  • A good experience for the consumer through their healthcare journey
  • A friend with operational expertise
  • Disaster support and help with overflow when needed
  • Some balance and predictability
  • Line of sight into revenue
  • A safety net

This is where Envera can really help. We’re all about helping provider’s stay focused on patient care and quality – while we offload non-core volume and check the items off your list. We become a part of your team and work as an extension of the health system, providing the “service wrapper” to connect patients to the care they need and want. 

We bring the technology, years of experience, highly trained professionals and other capabilities to the table to build loyalty, increase market share, keep people healthier, improve your revenue cycle and avoid readmissions.

So, what would be at the top of your wish list?

Contact us today to learn more about how Envera Health’s A2 Augmented Access Services can serve as an enabler for change within your health system. Merry Christmas (in July)!

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