About Us

As an engagement services partner, Envera Health is committed to advancing consumer-driven care and making healthcare better. 

We offer a complete continuum of managed services and hands-on solutions – each custom tailored to meet our clients where they need us most.

What We Do

Through our advanced engagement (call) center and unique CRM-enabled full consumer view, we create a unified front door for your health system that extends across marketing, access and care coordination, to deliver a one-touch experience for your consumers.


We serve as an extension of your team on everything from aligning strategy and growth goals to the creation of targeted, personalized, multi-channel campaigns. And we execute, track, measure and analyze results along the way for the highest ROI. 


We assess capacity, strategize operational design improvements, centralize scheduling, integrate reminders, optimize referrals and standardize processes across the system. All to deliver a connected experience to your patients. 


We provide systematic outreach to patients for transitions of care, preventative health needs and follow-up care. By proactively contacting patients, we are closing care gaps while seamlessly connecting and simplifying the care process.

Meet Our Team

Better care is possible. Meet our team of experienced healthcare
executives here to help make that possibility your reality.

Dan Neuwirth image

Dan Neuwirth

Chief Executive Officer

Erinne Dyer image

Erinne Dyer

Executive Vice President, Growth

Cheryl Michael image

Cheryl Michael

Executive Vice President, Product Management

Johanna Epstein image

Johanna Epstein

Senior Vice President, Engagement Center Operations

Stephen Cavalieri, M.D. image

Stephen Cavalieri, M.D.

Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer

Brett Butler image

Brett Butler

Vice President, Business Development

Susan Olyha image

Susan Olyha

Chief Financial Officer


What We Believe

We believe good care must extend into our communities to truly have an impact on the state of healthcare in our country. That's why as a part of every engagement, we offer one community health program at no charge.


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